PREINVEL ® S.R.L.'s Projects


-Graduated in engineering on 4/28/2000 c/o University of Lecce and has proposed a sperimental university degree in surgery application entitled: "Integrated system of manipulation and vision for orthopedic prostheses fixation".
-Phd in Materials Engineering on 07.05.2004 c/o University of Lecce, Faculty of Engineering.
-Admitted to Professional engineer.
-Member of the Order of Engineers of the province of Brindisi (member number 889) on 15.09.2001.
-Participation in a course with final examination "Environmental Engineering" held c/o Faculty of Engineering of Lecce, for the disposal of hazardous waste, and presentation of a research project with the theme: "Inerting Systems of Dangerous Waste: description and application."
-Participation in safety training in the workplace (L.626/494) 120 hours c / o Faculty of Engineering of Lecce.
-Participation with profit according to the German Language course (lasting 60 hours), reserved for PhD students of the University of Lecce in the year 2002/2003.
- Member ANIPLA (Italian Association for Automation).
-Participation in the course for planners and coordinators of the Security Director of Works in accordance with Legislative Decree no. No 9 April 2008 81.
-Presented at an international conference held at the Centre for Intelligent Systems, University of Algarve (Portugal), April 10, 2003, a publication entitled "On-line monitoring for statiscal mixing processes: an application in the dairy industry "Organised by: IFAC - International Federation of Automatic Control.

IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
IFSA - International Fuzzy Systems Association.
EvoNet - the European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing.

-Published an article in the Santa Cristina Convent, University of Bologna, during dell'8th International IFAC Symposium on Robot Control, entitled "A Control Architecture for dinamically Stable gaits of Small Size Humanoid Robots".

-Presented an article titled "Upper Body Joints Control for the Stabilization of a Quasistatic Small-Size Humanoid Robot" c / o Faculty of Engineering, University of Genoa at the 2006 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots.

Authors and coAuthor of several national and international scientific pubblication, and responsable of research and development projects in team with University and National research center.

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