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Mi name is Mario Quiroz, i journalist, I work in Miami, I am 40 years old, I graduated in Venezuela and I am a true fighter of freedom and free thinking, I am a graduate in communication and digital marketing, I want your help to start my own news business, and get to that public that wants new information and with another perspective.

I have started a news page in Spanish, the idea of ​​the project is to give space to future journalists so that their writings appear on the internet, also the mission is to entertain the public, with a different proposal, the big news networks do not give it an opportunity to the new talents, and the idea of ​​my page is to do that, but the cost of maintaining the agreement with the agencies is very expensive, google adsense and other services do not help a small medium, it is for this reason that I ask any help for my news page, Thank You ...

Joined 9 - 13 - 2018

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