In some of our former posts we have discussed how artists and entrepreneurs are using crowdfunding to raise money for their art and business projects, but did you know that athletes of all ages are using crowdfunding as well? Yep! Whether it is an Olympic level athlete generate funds for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics or a youth sports teams trying to gain support for their tournaments and travels, athletes from all over the world are using Kapipal to raise money for their dreams.

How Athletes Can Use Kapipal

Over Kapipal’s history, we have found that there is not one specific point where athletes turn to crowdfunding. Sometimes they are a fresh individual or group looking to start a new league or raise money for a future event, other times they are already well-established and simply need funds for new jerseys or tournaments. Either way, Kapipal has you covered!

To get started, go to the Kapipal home page and click Start Project in the top-right side of the screen. Fill out all of the required information and being setting up your campaign page. With the campaign page, it will be a very important that you inform your audience of who or your team is and what your goals or dreams are. Tell exactly why you need additional funding, and what you plan to do with it once you reach your campaign goal. Also, be sure to include some images or video of you in action playing the sport you are trying to raise money for. The more informed and involved you can get your audience, the better!

Crowdfunding Ideas for Athletes

  • League Fees – Even fun adult softball leagues have been known to have fees, so if you and your team are a bit tight on money, crowdfunding could be a great way to generate the funds needed to get you and your team playing!
  • New Uniforms – Having quality uniforms is an essential part of playing team sports. If your jersey is falling apart, you certainly deserve to get a new one!
  • Tournament Fees – No matter whether you are participating in local tournaments or national tournaments spread out across the country, there are always fees associated and sometimes they can be pretty hefty! Use Kapipal as a way to generate funds so kids can get noticed by scouts!
  • Equipment – Whether it is soccer cleats or football helmets, equipment is very important, especially in regards to player safety. So don’t ever settle for mediocre equipment! Instead, set up a crowdfunding campaign so that you can get the equipment you deserve!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us here! Otherwise, have a great day! And remember, today is the day to start turning your dreams into reality!