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What is Kapipal?

Kapipal is a crowdfunding service to easily raise money online.

Who can use Kapipal?

Everyone who needs to raise money for group purchase, charity, personal project / dream, creative project, community project and so on.

How does Kapipal work?

1. You create a Kapipal page and set the target amount you need to raise.
2. Share the Kapipal Page via social media, email or embedded widget and ask people to contribute and/or share further. Find other channels, like blogger, media or associations, to cover your project for wider audience.
3. People go to your Kapipal Page and send you the money with their debit or credit card.

Is Kapipal an investment mechanism?

No. All money transfers are donations and there are no return for contributors

Getting started

I've used original Kapipal website. Can I login with the same username and password?

Unfortunately no. You need to register again but obviously you may use the same email and password if you wish.

How to create my first project?

Creating Kapipal project is very simple. Just go to our home page and click “Start project”. If you haven’t signed up yet, you need to do it first. Then fill in all information you want to give about your project. Remember, the more open and transparent you are the better your project is to create trust among people who see it.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support.

Sharing your project

It’s very important that you share your project. More people will see it the better chance there is to succeed. We offer multiple sharing options including social media, email and embedded widget to be added to your blog or other websites. All this can be found on your project page or under your profile and My projects.

REMEMBER to get paid!

We are using Stripe to process the payments.

All contributions are processed via secure and popular Stripe payment gateway. You will receive all contributions straight to your Stripe and will be transferred further to given bank account. Stripe may have couple of days period before money is shown on your account. To get your project published, you need to set up your Stripe account. This is very easy and simple process that has only have to do ones. All your next project will use the same information automatically (of course you can change this information if needed later).

Stripe is free to set up.

How to create more trust?

Trust is the most important thing to succeed with your project – people need to trust you as a fundraiser. Some good tips to create more trust:

  • Update your name, picture and write a short bio about you.
  • Verify yourself via social media. You may verify your Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin profiles under My profile -> Edit profile & settings. Don’t worry, other will only see that profiles are verified, not your social media profile information.
  • Use pictures, videos and good quality and transparent text on your project so people can related.
  • Remember to share the project on your social media and other channels. Ask others to contribute and/or share further.
  • Think of any other channels who could cover your story and get you more visibility, like bloggers, media, associations, clubs…etc.

After all, just posting a project won’t do it. You need to be trusted and let people know about it!

Money transfer & fees

Is it secure?

The Kapipal payment process is completely secure. All money transfers and sensible operations are managed by the secure and popular Stripe online payment service.

What fees do Kapipal charge?

For all campaigns started 1st December 2014 or later, Kapipal will charge a 4% fee on any donations received. Stripe may charge you some processing fees. For more information about Kapipal’s transaction fees, please see our fee page.

Do I have to be a Stripe customer to use Kapipal?

You do not need to be a Stripe customer in order to send money. However, the only way to receive money is through Stripe. Therefore, Kapipal creators must have Stripe accounts. Stripe account is easily created via your Kapipal profile and it enables you to receive all money raised straight to your bank account (allow couple of days delay due Stripe’s terms).

Receiving money

Setting up Stripe for receiving payments

Kapipal uses secure and widely used Stripe for payments. You will be directed to Stripe setup when you launch your first campaign. Stripe must be setup before project is published. Stripe is easy to setup. Just click “Connect with Stripe” and fill in the needed information. This needs to be done only once. Your next project uses the same payment information.

Stripe can be also setup from your Dashboard -> Payment gateway setup

Transferring money to your bank account from Stripe

Once Stripe is setup you are ready to receive contributions. It’s good to login once to your Stripe account to set up automatic transfers to your bank account. In Stripe, click your name on the top right corner and go to Account settings. Choose Transfers and choose the transfer schedule as you wish.

How much can I raise?

Each Kapipal can raise up to USD 1,000,000 (or equivalent in your currency).

Is there a maximum number of contributors allowed for a Kapipal?

There is no maximum number of contributors allowed for a Kapipal.

Kapipals have duration. How long can a Kapipal last?

The set duration of a Kapipal page is an incentive to people to contribute immediately. A Kapipal can last up to 3 months. The time limit is set by the Kapipal creator when a Kapipal is started. Once the Kapipal is expired, people can’t send you any more money through the Kapipal Page.

What if a Kapipal reaches its target amount before time expires?

If a Kapipal reaches its target amount before its time expires, Kapipal will continue to accept contributions until the full time period expires.

What if a Kapipal doesn't collect its target amount in time?

The Kapipal page remains online, but stop accepting contributions. Of course, the money you raised is still yours! You can use the partial raised amount for your need. And you can start your Kapipal again to try to collect more money.

Sending money

How much can I send?

It depends on the Kapipal. Some Kapipals allow free contributions, so you can send any amount you want. Some Kapipals allow only set amounts of money transfers; for example: $10, $25, or $50.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You send money through Stripe, so usually through your credit or debit card. However, you can use any payment method accepted by Stripe (varies by country). You may also send money through Paypal.

Do I have to be a Stripe customer to send money?

No, you just need a credit or debit card.


If I make a contribution, when will my money be withdrawn?

When you make a contribution, your credit or debit card is charged immediately.


What is a reward?

Rewards are typically items produced by the project itself — a copy of the CD, a print from the show, a T-shirt. You can offer rewards in exchange for different contribution levels. Rewards enable you to engage fans, build trust, and provide an opportunity for more people to get involved.

I want to send rewards to my contributors. Where can I find them?

Once your project ends and you wish to send the rewards for those contributed go to your Dashboard -> My Projects. Click “arrow down” icon next to the project. Contributor information, including reward type, email etc.., is exported in csv file.

Who is the responsible for configuring, fulfilling, and delivering the rewards?

The author of the fundraising page is the held fully responsible for the rewards. Kapipal Inc. does not guarantee that rewards will be delivered or satisfactory to the donors.

Are rewards required?

No. Authors do not have to offer rewards.

What items are prohibited as rewards?

Prohibited items include:

  • Financial incentives, returns and repayment
  • Raffles, lotteries and sweepstakes
  • Coupons, discounts and gift certificates
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Pornography
  • Any illegal item, product or service

Is there a way to limit the quantity of a reward?

Yes. Rewards can be limited to a certain available number.

How can I get my donors' information (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc.) to fulfill rewards?

Yes. Rewards can be limited to a certain available number.

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