Being the first European crowdfunding website, we at Kapipal are extremely passionate about helping others fund their dreams. Therefore, we are now offering personal assistance for campaign creators to succeed with their projects.

But first, before linking to our personal contact page, we thought it might be helpful to offer some campaign tips. Generally, successful crowdfunding campaigns consist of the following practices:

1. Providing Transparent and Accurate Information
2. Sharing Over Social Media
3. Providing a Variety of Engaging Content

Providing Transparent and Accurate Information

Honest, easy to find information is essential for creating trust amongst potential contributors. For example, those viewing your campaign page will want to know accurate, extensive details about your project. Furthermore, they will also want an honest representation of contribution perks. If any of this information is vague or difficult to find or understand, then you may run the risk of scaring off those who actually may be quite interested in assisting and contributing to your campaign.

Sharing Over Social Media

With Facebook recently surpassing over one billion users, it is certainly fair to say that the reach and power of social media is at an unprecedented level. With successful projects, campaign creators have been able to leverage social media to spark awareness, interest, and contribution to their campaigns.

For prime success, we highly recommend planning out a social media campaign that utilizes a variety of social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). Feel free to get creative here, for you will want to generate as much buzz (shares, retweets, likes, etc.) as possible!

Supply a Variety of Engaging Content

Campaign creators should look to supply a wide variety of engaging content on their campaign page. In the past, successful campaigns have incorporated text, photos, and videos to inform potential contributors about their project. Variety is key here, as you will want to inform and engage potential contributors on as many levels as possible.

If you are having trouble generating ideas for content, perhaps it might be helpful to put yourselves in the mind of potential contributors and ask yourself: What do they need to know about your project? Why should they contribute? What makes my project interesting and unique? What is the quickest, simplest way to provide this information?

By focusing on providing accurate information, utilizing social media, and supplying a variety of content, campaign creators can be confident that they are on the right path to succeeding with their project.

Yet if you are still unsure, or feel as though you need personal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to do whatever we can to assist you in successfully funding your projects and turning your dreams into reality.

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