One of the most rewarding aspects of Kapipal is hearing countless success stories of campaign creators turning their dreams into reality. Many of these stories are so remarkable that we decided to create a “Creator Spotlight” blog series. In this post, we will interview Sienna Dahlen, a jazz-singing/alternative-music lovin’ teacher chick who crowdfunded the completion of her album “Ice Age Paradise”. 

Tell us a little about your campaign. What was it about? The goal of the campaign?

My campaign was created in order to raise money to finance the artwork and duplication of my new album, « Ice Age Paradise », a record featuring a ten-piece ensemble of horns, strings rhythm section and voice. Each person who donated will receive a copy of the album and depending on the amount given, she or he will obtain the music in a different format (ex. in some cases as a signed cd copy, sometimes just the cd and in other cases, multiple copies of the vinyl, cd and cassette version of the record etc.)

What initially inspired you to create your campaign?

My record label informed me recently that they had decided not to put out my new album and therefore I was forced to find a DIY approach to financing final steps of the project. I also like the idea of publicity gained through « pre-sales ».

Have you had crowdfunding experience before?

No, not personally

Why did you decide upon using Kapipal?

A friend used Kapipal to create his own crowdfunding campaign to finance the completion of his current album and he recommended your service to me.

What was your strategy for spreading awareness for your campaign?

On Sunday of each week for four consecutive weeks I posted my campaign on Facebook. The posting was always low-key but to the point. I also boosted my personal music page on Facebook in order to reach a wider number of people. In addition to public posts, I wrote private messages to friends asking them to share my campaign with their friends and acquaintances and wrote several emails to people in the same fashion.

Did you experience any surprises throughout the crowdfunding process?

Yes, several people that I didn’t expect would donate actually did and others whom I thought would, didn’t.

What was the easiest part? What about the most difficult?

The easiest part was entering and updating the text. The most difficult part was dealing with the fact that I couldn’t post a video and a photo at the same time for my campaign…very frustrating (the photo always turned out blurry and would not disappear from my postings on Facebook even when i had removed it from the Kapipal template in the editing section.) One of your colleagues wrote to me in response to my question and said that as of this month the problem would be solved, which was unfortunately too late for my campaign.

As far as promoting the campaign, the easiest part was talking about the project and the hardest part was asking people to donate.

If you could go back and do anything different in the campaign process, what would it be?

Perhaps the only thing I would have done differently was created a Twitter account to further publicize the campaign with.

Do you have any advice for current or future campaign creators?

Set a reasonable price. Most independant endeavors require some personal monetary investment so don’t assume that your fans are going to cover the entire cost of your project. Don’t make your project description too long but do try to include all of the important details. The video component is also quite important I think.

Do you plan to start another campaign in the future? If so, what do you think it will be on?

Maybe. Another album campaign or perhaps one for concert production costs.

Check also Sienna’s website.

Sienna ended up raising $3545 of her $3500 goal. Her campaign can be found here. Crowdfunding is a great way for musicians to fund their album or a concert. Some of the biggest names in music have also done it. It’s just a click of a button to start to start but remember that it’s not just creating a crowdfunding page.

Look for more creator highlights in the coming weeks!

Photo Credit: Randy Cole