MEETers run for International MitoPatients Network

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MEET fellows launched a crowdfunding campaign on kapipal website for collecting money in order to support the “International Mito-Patients Network” activities. The campaign objective is simple: raising awareness about mitochondrial diseases and raising money to help IMP Network to develop a standard therapy for dealing with muscular pain in mitochondrial diseases.

To launch this campaign, fellows did a simple equation: mitochondria = energy = running, dancing, climbing and biking. Therefore, as young and motivated researchers involved in the mitochondrial field they run, dance, climb and bike to raise money. Indeed, fellows believe that participating to sport events is a very good way to highlight the importance and the power of mitochondria and thus the importance of helping people that are lacking healthy ones.

Mitochondrial patients worldwide, as represented by International Mito-Patients, benefit from a good network between patients, researchers, clinicians and caretakers. Indeed, on the other side, researchers, clinicians and caretakers benefit from a dialogue with patients.

This is the main reason for IMP to work closely together with the MEET Project. IMP Mission is to increase the quality of life for people with mitochondrial diseases by facilitating cross-border cooperation and collaboration among national patients' organizations.

So, it is for this reason that MEET Consortium and MEET fellows will collect money for IMP, to underly once again the importance of collaborating among researchers, patients and clinicians, to fight together!

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