Kapipal launched our new site (the one you are on reading this) in mid February. We communicated that old and new site will run in parallel for three months as we wanted to give our users time to finish their current projects and have a chance to get familiar with the new site. The new site offers many improvements and we are constantly updating new features to make even better. Now the three months has passed and we are ramping down the old site on May 19th after which you are unable to access it any more.

There is no action needed for the many of you who have already started to use the new platform – keep up the good work!

For those who don’t have active campaign on the old platform can easily start new one on our new site. Only thing to remember is your login details for old site don’t work and you need to sign up again.

There only small number of campaign which end date on old site is prior May 19. We have informed you via email. In case we didn’t reach you go to our migration guide for more information how to transfer your existing campaign to the new site.

The migration guide is provided to all who have questions about the transfer from old platform to new one. Kapipal domain remains the same and after ramp down you’ll reach our new site also from www.kapipal.com. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!