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Atleti Speciali powered by Kapipal




Atleti Speciali is a platform that aims to provide promotion services and visibility to the athletes and their families, whether they do already part of the Paralympic movement, whether they intend to approach the sports competitions. The platform also aims to be a medium of communication dedicated to the federations, the organizing committees and amateur sports federations; using crowdfunding on Kapipal to raise money needed to fund the activities and participate in competitions.

Website: www.atletispeciali.com

Kapipal Partner





Confartigianato Digital

The association representing Craftsmen Digital, a project with the aim to create the first Italian Digital District.
The professionals of Digital are the only tuned with vocations and the excellence of the Italian DNA and represent precious fuel to restart the economy of our country. Confartigianato Digital wants to put these professionals in a position to carry out their work, offering assistance on all non-core aspects of their business, increasing the perception of their skills within the potential market and creating a digital space to live, where they can share, to express themselves, experiment and make themselves available to organizations and businesses. Hq in Rome, Italy.

Visit website.


Kapipal Partners - PHI Foundation




PHI Foundation

PHI Foundation is the first Italian project of Social Innovation.
It offers the opportunity for those involved in Volunteer to increase its visibility, to organize and coordinate the activities in the area and the opportunity to obtain financial support from donors through collection activities targeted funds and Crowdfunding.

PHI Foundation was created to help those who work every day to support the next to build a Social Innovation Community that fulfills the projects together and actively contribute to the improvement of society. PHI Foundation also carries out a program aimed to develop and redevelop the local economy called PHI City Program.

Finally, PHI Foundation created the Academy, an actual training course dedicated to those who want to enter the profession of Content Editor or want to deepen the Web Marketing logic.
Hq in Lugano, Switzerland.

Visit website.


Kapipal Partner - YouCrowd







With YouCrowd we will talk about crowdfunding and projects, ideas, technology, music; but above all the dreams that can be made; telling stories of us and of our destinies.
Hq in Napoli and Caserta, Italy.

Visit website.


Kapipal Partners - Itinera







ITINERA is a center for the creation and enterprise development.
Create, share, speed: this is the mantra ITINERA hub, place of minds and instruments.Hq in Caserta, Italy.

Visit website.


Kapipal Italian Partner

 Italia & Italy Servizi Onlus – Cooperativa Sociale

Italia&Italy Servizi Onlus – Cooperativa Sociale rappresenta un’importante realtà non lucrativa, tutta italiana, tra le cui attività principali rientra anche l’organizzazione di eventi educativi di diversa tipologia, tra i quali quelli informativi. Il cuore pulsante dell’azienda risiede nei principi e nei valori della solidarietà, della tutela dell’ecosistema, della diffusione della cultura e della conoscenza e della valorizzazione delle idee, ai fini dell’accrescimento della qualità della vita dei cittadini, del miglioramento della condizione sociale ed economica degli stessi, del progresso culturale, tecnologico e scientifico della società e dell’impulso alla crescita economica del Paese.

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logo ita

Studio Legale CapuanoCurti

Lo Studio Legale Curti vanta una consolidata esperienza e competenza nell’ambito del Diritto Civile e del Lavoro, della Previdenza Sociale e della Volontaria Giurisdizione, dell’infortunistica, Commerciale e Societario, della Proprietà Industriale e Diritto d’Autore, degli Enti del Terzo Settore, Fiscale, Tributario e del Mercato Finanziario, Amministrativo e OSA, Penale. Il coinvolgimento di più sinergie e competenze risultano alla base dell’assistenza, tempestiva, completa e puntuale, alla clientela, anche nel contesto internazionale.

Ulteriori informazioni sul sito www.curtistudiolegale.it


Kapipal Partner MuZikUp







In a context that more and more often sees the promotion and the opportunity to perform economically
onerous for those who produce music, MuZikup is proposed as a point of aggregation and diffusion for all
those who make music and want to increase their network, therefore periodically organizes live events and
scouting of brand new bands.


itinerari paralleli logo









Itinerari Paralleli

Our Mission is to stimulate knowledge and economy in a sustainable way through the meeting between local realities and national / international actors interested in developing alliances in the territories.
Our academic and professional training allows us to guarantee competences regarding partnership building, social research and planning, cultural management and business modeling. On the other hand, we support the creation of itineraries, the organization and any other specific needs related to the travel and logistics of social tourism routes in the areas in which we operate.


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