A father needs help.

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Hi Everyone!

I'm very happy to see that there is some remaining kindness in this world...and I'm writing this to you just because I have no others ideas to help a friend of mine in one of his darkest periods of his life. Well, I'm going to start telling you that he worked in holidays resorts when he was  young, he travelled a lot, and than he met a girl...that girl years later had become his  " wife ". Sadly at that time he did't know what could happen, and maybe this story will advise also some of you. He met this russian girl, and he immediately fall in love with her...he was her king and she was his queen. All good. They had a happy and full life, great moments, great places...well they had basically everything. My friends started to become a well known russian deejay and all seemed looking for the best. They came in Italy, due to my friends italian origins. His girlfriend got pregnant and they decided to keep the children and to get married. Everything normal right?

Well they marry. Soon a baby boy was born and all changed. His wife, showed sooner as it really was. She basically was a good mother and she keeps being good with the little boy, but not with his husband. She didn't respect him anymore, she didn't take care of him anymore, she didn't love him anymore. After two difficoult years she took with her the kid and went to Russia in vacation. My friend decided that is better for the kid to grow up with his mother in a similar safe environment, also if this means growing far from himself. He decided this because he cannot stand anymore to be ignored, denigrated, umiliated from a girl that used him exclusively to have a child. ( go and read all the reports of similar stories, he is not the first one and never the less the last one in this situation  ). He wants a good future for is kid also if it means to be far from him.

Honestly I've passed through something similar in my life and I don't want that my friend is forced to choose this just because he does not have the possibility to change is life for the best. Basically I want to help him with some founds in order to allow him to go to Russia more often, with this money he could start an activity on his own and he could afford all the amount of several trip to Russia to stay near his kid and to make sure he does not think that his father will abandon him in someway. Furthermore the activity he will open can give him a better work, a better salary and better condition of live for him and his son.

I hope someone will read this and maybe will help. It's not just for him, is just a sort of hope for the fathers that are not allowed to do anything for their kids, most of the times mothers also use not to let them see. We can change this thing! It's not fair!!! For all!!

Amount of founds needed: not a specific amount, the more we have, the more I help my friend to realize his little project.

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