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Houston, Texas, Stati Uniti

Note: The youtube video is on testimonials about an anti-addiction 2 months program. The practical tools are tha same as in ABEP.

I designed the project as the result of overcoming a so difficult situation thanking the project strategies, plus observing how people that had to overcome less difficulties, was going in high level of anxiety, panic , aggressivity , loss of control and even committing suicide.

We have so much advanced contents and breakthrough strategies with immediate and sustainable benefits. We need all the rest: Money, partners, contacts, structures, specialists in legay, financial, and everything is needed. thank you in advance for your help. I came back from the hell for this.

Thinking at the possible solutions and also knowing the opportunity to jump that I had overcoming my situation, I had the intuition and the clear vision about what it will going  on in Europe, in terms of emotional, mental and comportamental issues. I also had the intuition of the project, that needs to have partners to spread practical and autonomous tools to make a better life and to accelerate the growth.

Europe spents 24 billions euros every year, just for stress.


Anti Burnout European Project

To prevent and early manage the consequences of difficult situations, conflicts, crisis and emotional distress like: depression, anxiety, burnout, suicidal tendencies, aggressiveness and violence. to accelerate the growth and implement the  human qualities by developing 5 levels of intelligence.

International Cooperation project with the collaboration of Institutions; Regional, National and International Governments; International Entrepreneurship; Religious Leaders; Research, Media and Show Business people.

M o t i v a t i o n

ABEP was born as result of the observation of the increasing difficulties and bad reactions experienced by the people in different personal and group life-managing cases. It is dedicated to people, to support them, to prevent and manage the disturbance that generates strong emotions and negative thoughts, severe anxiety, fear, anger, aggressiveness and violence, to overcome difficult situations, nurture and develop the highest human qualities.

M i s s i o n

ABEP's mission is to make people free from the darkness, to provide practical tools to face difficult situations with courage and adaptability; to develop and balance Wisdom, Will-Power and Love. To inspire new confidence in their own possibilities and in the future by encouraging advanced points of view and a positive approach to life,  moving to the Higher Purpose.

F i n a l i t y

  • To implement programs for self-management, the acquisition of the right to defend ourselves, the development of 5 ascending levels of intelligence to balance life with practical and sustainable tools and autonomous life strategies to resolve conflicts, manage crises and difficult situations and turn them into growth opportunities and better understanding.

  • To train new Trainers and Specialists creating new jobs and spreading faster the service.

  • To educate at the principle of unity, respecting, integrating and valuing the diversities.

O b j e c t i v e s

  1. Acquire body strategies to quickly release stress, fatigue and negative emotions.

  2. Learn mental techniques to infuse peace and inner calm.

  3. Increase vitality and stamina.

  4. Acquire fast self-defence techniques.

  5. Integrate the strategies for a better and universal approach to life.


M e t h o d o l o g y

It consists in the application of JustBE alive™, JustBE free™ and Renewal Meditation™ programs, from the Bewell Science™ System (more details below) and some basic strategies of AMAYS ™ (martial arts and science of yoga) plus basic Self-Defense Techniques. The protocols are globally distributed by MDP BElife™ (based in Houston, TX, USA) and have controlled, predictable and reproducible effects on the human system as seen in its completeness physical, vital, emotional and mental levels.

The applied practical strategies are already used in 30 years of research and testing by more than 225.000 people of different ages, gender, culture and religions in over 100 Countries. They were designed by the world expert Master Del Pe, founder of BIHC (BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness) and AILA (American Institute for Leadership Advancement), in which he gathered more than 200 educational and corporate programs to balance life and accelerate the growth ahead of its time.

t o o l s

Integration of: bio-mechanical movements; breathing, focusing and centering techniques; martial arts and meditation.


P r o g r a m s

  • JustBE alive ™ - Physical strategies of 4 steps.

    • The 8 steps: compact series of bio-mechanical movements to release stress and fatigue, improve stamina and blood oxygenation; increase the muscular tone and bring dynamism.

    • Synchronized breathing: to quickly release stress and negative emotions. It improves the quality of sleep with immediate effect. Develops detachment capability.

    • Combined breathing: to increase inner power and make bones and muscles more dense.

    • Centering meditation: breathing technique to increase vital energy. It develops the sense of rhythm and timing and slows down the aging process.

Note: The entire sequence can be easily reproduced in 15 minutes. It can be performed in any place and it doesn't require any specific kind of equipment.

Some techniques can be extrapolated from the sequence and applied in 5 minutes to prevent and handle some emergencies, such as: insomnia, anger, fear, anxiety attacks, sudden fatigue. The training also provides to acquire the capability to manage contingent situations.

  • JustBE free™ and Renewal Meditation - Mental Strategies. Basic meditation techniques to release stress, trauma, emotional and mental pains, obsolescences, bad habits and vices also from the past, included their side effects. It reinforces positive emotions to feel calm of mind and peace. It educates at the solutions of problems and conflicts.

Some of the immediate benefits obtained by these programs:

  • Release stress, fatigue and bad emotions

  • Increase vitality and sustainable vital energy.

  • Increase will power and focus

  • Develop dispassion

  • Manage and develop higher emotions and mental clarity

  • Improve the sleeping quality

With the regular practice we can also observe:

  • Slowdown the aging process

  • Development of creative decision-making

  • Resistance and Resilience skills and proactive approach to difficult situations

  • Reinforcing of the immune system and better relationships

  • Development of 5 ascending levels of intelligence (Instinctive, Emotional, Concrete, Abstract, Intuitive)

    • Instinctive - Rhythm and Timing. It improve a better decision-making to make quick decisions at the right time and to immediately execute them, increases and supports the vital energy. It slows down the aging process.

    • Emotional - Heart and Immune System. To live sense of peace and satisfaction in the workplace and at home, it improves the ability of team working and team building, develops empathy, compassion, inclusiveness and acceptance. Boosts the immune system.

    • Concrete - Projectuality and Analytical Mind. Increase the detailed logical analysis skills and a structured schedule capability; it improves communication and expressive skills. It regulates metabolism.

    • Abstract - Vision and Focus. It allows the vision of the big picture and the ability to focus on the end goal, increasing the mental will-power and the ability to synthesize the experiences into guidelines and paradigms.

    • Intuitive - The deep purpose in life. It stimulates precursor and intuitive thought to be inspired and make the best choices. It develops wisdom, universal love and dispassion.

  • AMAYS™ - Martial Arts-Yoga Science and Self-Defence Techniques.

Specific synergy of simple physical exercises with concrete effects on body, emotions and mind. Basic approach on self-defense techniques. The program work on:

  • Immediate management of excessive emotionality, overcoming of fear, increase of will-power.

  • release physical, emotional and mental collateral effects of bad memories from the past, including sense of martyrdom, victimization and sense of helplessness.

  • Acquisition of the right and the ability to defend ourselves; new muscular memory and development of survival instinct.

  • Forming strategic attitude to detect and prevent critical situations

M e t h o d s   o f   i m p l e m e n t a t i o n


  1. Physical strategies to release stress and fatigue and get a quick physical revitalization

  2. Emotional and mental strategies to prevent and correct the attitude to live in worries and bad emotions.

  3. AMAYS™ physical strategies

Session type in 3 modules

  • Module I: Introduction

  • Module II: physical exercises

  • Module III: emotional and mental Strategies

Content of each module

  • Module 1: Theoretical introduction and sharing on burnout aspects.

  • Module 2: JustBE alive™ practice (8 steps and breathing techniques) + AMAYS ™

  • Module 3: Inner Renewal Meditation or JustBE free ™; feed back; advices; closure.


I n d i c a t e d    P a r t n e r s


Entrepreneurship, Foundations, Philanthropists - IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII








R e s o u r c e s

  • Human Resources - Trainer and Specialists MDP BElife™ early on. New Specialists and Trainers on the next steps. Translators. Cultural mediators.

  • Economic Resources - Entrepreneurship; Foundations; Governments; CEE.

  • Structural Resources - Dedicated Centers: A) Rescue Level B) Educational C) Leadership Training.

I M P L E M E N T A T I O N   P L A N - 10 YEARS

INCUBATION  7 months

  • Step 1A: Collecting of the 1st part of funds

  • Step 1B: 1 Experimental month with a group of volountiers.

  • Step 1C: Connections with more partners

  • Step 1D: New Trainers and Specialists training (4 weeks at basic level)

  • Step 1E: Teachings and public events.

START UP until the 2° year

  • Step 2 A: Economic resources and partners' growth.

  • Step 2 B: Training of new specialists.

  • Step 2 C: Dissemination strategies and public events.

  • Step 2 D: Monitoring and adjustments.

BREACKTROUGHT since the 3rd  year

  • Step 3 A: Connections with more partners and more economic resources

  • Step 3 B: Continue Trainers training

  • Step 3 C: Dissemination and communication

  • Step 3 D: Monitoring

CONSOLIDATION until the 7th year

  • Step 4 A: Coverage of the largest number of Countries

  • Step 4 B: Continue training

  • Step 4 B: Monitoring

  • Step 4 C: Studies of new strategies and projects according with the new needs

FINAL/ EXIT and UPDATING 8th to 10th year

  • Step 5 A: Total coverage

  • Step 5 B: Final monitoring and closure

  • Step 5 C: Updating of new projects according with the next steps

* * * * * * * * *

The strategies are copyrighted and distributed  by MDP BElife™

Design and Project Management: Angie Claire Testai

Phone numbers: +39 3206872452 (IT)

+1 832 2662 897 (US)

mailto: angiec@mdpbelife.com

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