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Milano, MI, Italia

Hi Friends! My name is Filippo, I'm 35 y.o. I'm from Milan, Italy and for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a pilot. I would spend hours on end watching the planes take off at the airport the runway with my father. I love the feeling of packing my bags, traveling some place new That I have never explored before. To sum it all up, I just love airplanes and flying and the idea I can fly people around the world! Flying provides a sensation of freedom That you can only find high up in the sky, the cockpit is the office and has an endless, birds eye view of the world, flying is an enjoyable way to earn a living. My dad said, "you need to make a quick decision, now is the right time to start training before it's too late." Every aspiring pilot needs to be prepared to earn their wings! It's expensive to earn a pilots license but never stop dreaming.

Below and example of the cost of the training to become a pilot:


ATPL(A) Integrated training program is more intensive and starts straight from commercial level - ATPL theory. After successful completion of the whole course you will also obtain CPL(A)/IR/ME + ATPL theory (ATPL Frozen) license. This course also includes MCC (Multi crew cooperation training course). In total you will have Ground training of 770 hours + 20 hours MCC and Flight training of 215 hours. This program takes up to 24 months. If you have a good progress you will be able to finish the program faster.

The Cadet Program with ATPL integrated costs 70000 euros in total.

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