Eco sutainable Village Farm

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Cicala, Province of Catanzaro, Italy

Hi everyone,

My name is Anthony and I grew up in a little village in Calabria, surrounded by nature, mountains, lakes, seas...

I always loved this land, but what makes me suffer the most is watching it die...

Everyday a lot of young people leave the south of Italy moving somewhere else because of poverty and lake of jobs.

Every day I wonder why I keep staying here, struggling, trying to get my path here, without watching my friends leave, without watching my beautiful land being hidden for the shame of a very poor culture that include society issue as mafia.

I am dreaming of something maybe utopian as a good dream has to be, learning and teaching from nature, with minimum waste, using new and alternative technology for cultures, buildings and crafts...

Open the path for a better future, trying to show people how the world may be in the future.

Well, the village will be small, a few houses without kitchen, a place where to go and rest in a beautiful environment.

A big common kitchen where people can cook what our gardens give us or just enjoy what is our traditional cook from our granparent's history.

Labs for cooking, arts, theatre, craft, Spa and gym plus healty walks in the woods for mushrooms and wild strawberrys, and why not a swim in the river?

INNOVATING, with one foot in the dirt and the other up in the sky.

The buildings: all will be builded with wood and clay

Cultures: everything will be BIO, as a farm we'll have all the most known commestibles animals and innoving with the "proteine of the future", insects!

Society: everyone will learn how nature works, his rithm, his love. everyone will be the same there, everyone is going to get dirty :)


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