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Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar, Venezuela
First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to read the description of my project. Before starting, sorry for my poor writing in English, I do not speak the language very well.

I have wanted to carry out this project for some time. The basic idea is to have a kind of party animation agency, usually for children's parties, although you can also enter the typical parties such as weddings, birthdays, events of all kinds (not including parties with erotic content, such as bachelor parties, and that the content of this project I want it to be suitable for all audiences).

In order to continue I would like to tell you a little about myself and what I do. My name is Jairo Rivas. I live in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela. I'm studying civil engineering. My main hobbies are two in general: Dancing and being Cosplayer. I love especially the cosplay, to such an extent that I have done non-profit activities to encourage the city a bit, that in the current situation we live in, I think it deserves it to take some respite.

In order not to get into a long topic about the economic situation that surrounds my environment I can say as a summary that in Venezuela currently with the monthly salary that I have barely enough to bring food to the house. Therefore I can not afford the materials necessary to carry out my hobbie as a cosplayer, which for those who know me know that I love that hobby. Not only do I use cosplay to have fun at comic conventions, but also as I said to encourage non-profit activities, also to animate some children's parties, and thus be able to bring some money for the house. However, I do not have enough costumes to set up my own Event Animation business, and here comes the point of placing this order on this page.

That's why I made the decision to request a collaboration through this means. I would be eternally grateful because with the money raised I could begin to make some costumes that I would like to use for activities carried out for the community and to be able to set up an event animation agency that is organized by cosplayers, since this project would not only help me me, but the cosplayers with whom I share this hobby, and can use their talent and what they like to do as work.

Without more anything to say, I will leave my facebook page where you can see some cosplays that I have used in my career as a cosplayer. You can also write me through the chat of that medium if you want to give me a more direct donation to speed up my project:


Thank you very much for reading all this, I appreciate it very much. And I sincerely hope that you can give me a grain of sand.

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