Escape Regularity

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Russellville, AR, USA

Through means of paid transportation (an untapped local market), housing contracts with the local University that offers cheaper, eco friendly alternatives for renting so that their students do not need to work full time and can focus on their studies, and an entertainment/food space to keep students closer to campus and safety even after classes dismiss, adept concepts will strive to help the common teen and college student escape regularity. The regularities that exist among the lower middle class and lower class communities are harsh and without solutions, that is, until now. By implementing one strategy at a time the team at adept concepts has a plan to begin rebuilding the local community to make it a better, safer place for the thousands of young students that call Russellville, Arkansas home. Home to Arkansas Tech University, the community of Russellville is in need of more. More affordable housing, more transportation services, and more student-friendly entertainment value. The future of the country is determined by the educational experiences afforded to the students of today. These services will help keep the stress of life out of the lives of our future leaders while they develop the skills they will need to succeed.

The housing construct will be an eco-friendly pod community with a centered entertainment/grocery core. All buildings will be linked to the core where real life skills will be taught. Budgeting, finance, and entrepreneurship will be taught within the structure of the community.

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