European biggest snowgrooming expo-formation event

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-This project is born to answer to:

all the people that love snow;

all the people that allways dreamed to do their passion-job on the snow;

to snowcat factories and ski resort companies in search of new snowcats and/or snowgroomers.

We are creating a main event that isn't just a full immersion course, in which at the end You receive a certificate and zero experience.

People nowadays pays lots of money, just to do a lot of theory and just few hours of REAL experience on the snowcat, this isn't fair at all!

When ski resorts hire new snowgroomers, they only accept experienced people, but if in all the Europe there isn't a main and important forming event, how is it possible to become a snowgroomer?

It is not possible, this is the answer!

Here in Bormio(Italy) we are thinking about this main event because a lot of people want to learn "how to really drive professionally a snowcat".

Lots of companies want to see/buy/sell new products to ski resorts;

Snowcat factories and ski resorts want to hire the best professional snowgroomers.

  • So now the question is: how we could make it possible?

  • The answer that we thought is this,a 15days-course in the middle of the summer on our glacier Stelvio.

  • Translated in 6 different languages (Italian,Russian,English,French,Spanish,German), that will teach not only the theory, but mostly practice.

  • Here in Bormio,we are lucky to have a former test driver, of a big snowcat factory, with several years of experience in snowgrooming World' s Championship' s slopes and also Olympics games' slopes all over the world, that has allready been teacher in several full immersion courses, but that has decided to stop, because courses were just a way to earn money for the companies, that organized them,instead of beeing a real way of obtaining new and professional snowgroomers.

  • This is why we are creating this first new, mainstream forming event, that could become also as a principal roaster for ski resorts and snowcat companies where, at the end of this 15days course, they could find the best prepaired snowgroomers of all Europe.

  • If You are interested in this mainstream event You can read the provisional program on the FAQ.

This main event will be divided in this way:

During the first week will be teached the fondumental pillars of how we can use our snowcat, and how works every single part of itself. Practice lessons will start with a "shadowing" of  very experienced snowgroomers.

In the second week, during the morning will be teached the theory, that includes the studying of snowcat's mechanical parts and how these parts work, what to do in case of problems with them and how to make them work again ecc.

In the afternoon and evening, will be the moment of practice again, but the difference will be that instead of "shadowing" the teacher, the student will be "shadowed" from inside and outside the snowcat by our experts, that will allways suggest him the best know how of snowgrooming.

On the last day of this mainstream event will be organized a sort of competition beetween the new professional groomers so ski resort companies and snowcat factories can choose, like in a roaster, who is better for them and maybe propose a contract.

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