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Are you a parent? Or a grandparent? Or an uncle or aunt?   Even if none of the above, do you care about children and the future of children on this planet?   Greanwold and his Minosaur friends do.  Greanwold’s World  is for parents and children ages 6 – 11, Plans are in the works to provide responsible, ethical entertainment and products for children and their parents with a sustaining the earth and an educational theme. There will be fun, educational products, environmental education, a global interactive game world, pen-pals, video games and much more. Its all about kids and their future.  The many parts to Greanwold include an English language learning module named GreanPal  using artificial intelligence to teach languages, initially English, to 2 – 12 year old children in non English speaking countries.

Greanwold believes in a green world, He wants parents and kids to as well. And, to ask the question in the following image.

This or This2 copy

There really is no other choice.  Renewable, recyclable, conservation,  biodegradable, and  carbon neutral are just a few of the buzzwords that need to be on everyone's mind in today's world and on into the future.  The future is for children and their children and now is the time for education and action. Greanwold wants  children to be children as long as they can, to have fun and games, but at the same time learning to be responsible, to not bully and to use the brains they were born with to be the best they can be. And that is why Greanwold and his Minosaur friends are here.

The Gang

The Minosaur Gang

Kids can become a member today. Just an email address is all that's required. Don't be a Meany, be a Greany.  Kids can win Greanwold T-shirts by having their parents register them.

We want to grow Greanwold's World along with our partners in India and with the help of a group of advisors such as Peter Scarth, ex VP at Kodak, James A. Douglas, CPA and several others who share the dream.

Creating friends and learning across the globe. That is the Greanwold dream that you can help make reality.

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Kids learning languages and making friends worldwide


Q: What is the Greanwold brand comprised of?

A: In answer, please click on this link. The Greanwold Brand

Q:  What has been achieved in sales with Greanwold product?

A:  Around $18,000 to date

Q:  Why are the sales so low?

A:  The company ran out of money.

Q:  What products were sold?

A:  Books, music CDs and Greanwold plush dolls.

Q:  What is the main theme of Greanwold?

A: Greanwold is all about teaching children (and their parents) the importance of caring for the biosphere of this little planet we call earth. The "now" is for adults but the future is for children. Greanwold wants to ensure there is a future for them.

Q:  Is Greanwold trademarked or copyrighted?

A:  We have registered copyright on the names Greanwold, Wold, Draegon and Minosaur.

Q:  Is Greanwold Interactive Inc., the company that holds the Greanwold property in good standing?

A:  Yes. Any serious investors can view the company books upon being verified as such.

Q:  How much money has been invested by insiders to date?

A:  Around $800,000.

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