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Rimini, RN, Italia

Hi All, my name is Angelo, I'm 35 years old and I'm Italian.

I was living in London and my dream was to open a small pizzeria near Wimbledon. Unfortunately, I found a constructor company who has frode me, I paid them for works, but they didn't pay their workers and supplier. Now I have lost everything and I don't have even an house to sleep and I have to back to Italy to my family.

I'm trying to restart, but I can't afford to rent an house and have a wardrobe, because to pay debit that this constructor has created, I sold all what I have.

I don't know how a crowfunding works, I'd like to have a land because I don't want steal money to anyone, but unfortunately I don't have enough guarantee to have a loan. So, I'm here to restart.

Thanks to everyone wants to believe in me.

Ciao, angelo

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