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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

This year has been one of change,  a constant search for peace, patience and strength. A large part of that search has consisted of releasing questions, fears and hurt through song, the ultimate goal, making sense of this crazy world and her role in it.

Originally this project started solely as a co-write album with some of the artists that Kerji respects the greatly from both in and out of town. There came a time throughout where songs started flowing out of her with or without a co-writing partner. She has many other co-writing sessions lined up but as of now has written songs with Matt Epp, Justin Lacroix, Bobby Desjarlais (Attica Riots) & longtime collaborator Brian James,  Vince Andrushko, Austrailian guitar virtuoso/singer/songwriter Daniel Champagne, David Baxter (Toronto based, Juno nominated Producer), and Dave Quanbury (Twilight Hotel, Exile Brass Band).

This past May, Kerji headed east to Owen Sound, ON to work with award winning songwriter, Matt Epp. "Matt was such a perfect choice to produce this next project as he has a way of pushing me further musically than I could do on my own. We've had more history than most people, in a lot of ways he's become family, and that makes him the ideal producer for this round of sensitive, personal songs. He's seen my history in music and knows what I'm capable of and has a way of helping me get there." Stephens says.

The recordings will be split into two, starting with an EP first to be released in November/December 2017 and recorded at Signpost Studios with engineer Murray Pulver. The aim moving forward is to release the full album by April/May 2018.

By donating toward this project, you are investing in the next many months of Kerji's music career from the October EP recording dates to the finished album product down the road in 2018.

The donation rewards are set up to appear that you are ordering off of a menu. These are all foods I love or loved when I was growing up. Who doesn't love ordering off a menu! Way more fun than a boring crowdfunding campaign.

Kerji Stephens Bio

Kerji Stephens (nee Woelke) released her self-titled debut and follow up album ‘Where We Were’ in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Kerri Woelke (self titled) was released through Avante Records and was nominated for ‘Folk Album of the Year’ and ‘Art Design of the Year’ through the GMA’s and ‘Gospel Album of the Year’ through the Western Canadian Music Awards. ‘Where We Were’ was released through Signpost Music (Steve Bell) and was followed up by an eight month tour opening for and singing in Steve Bell’s band across Canada in 2008-2009.

After forming Winnipeg roots duo Last Ditch On The Left with Brent Warren in 2009, LDotL took part in two HomeRoutes tours in Western Canada and multiple Western Canadian tours before going to Toronto to record with Juno award winning producer David Baxter in 2014. They released their self-titled album at the West End Cultural Centre in November of 2014. International Songwriting Competition Grand Prize winner -  artist Matt Epp invited LDotL to open for him and act as his backing band on a European tour of Germany and Switzerland in April/May of 2014. Last Ditch on The Left has since acquired a sponsorship from Doc Marten’s for their project ‘Walk A Mile In Our Shoes’ which told the story of aspiring artists travelling Canada and Europe performing their music.

2015 and 2016 held multiple festival performances, Winnipeg Folk Fest in the City and another two European tours mainly in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and France with their most recent being in fall of 2016 and bringing along local Winnipeg artist Vince Andrushko, to introduce him to and mentor him in touring Europe.

Just returning back from Ontario on some recent pre-production on an upcoming album to be produced by award winning singer/songwriter Matt Epp, Kerji has high hopes for 2017-2018 including the release of an EP in fall of 2017 and the release of a full album in spring of 2018.


Q. What's with the 'j'?
A. Some of you may remember me as Kerri Woelke. The 'j' is a long story that had to do with social media, trying to be more elusive on it and then it just started getting used on posters etc, so here we are...

Q. Do you have recipes for the menu items you used? Will you give them to me?
A. Yes, and yes. I like doing that. They are all delicious.

Q. How do I know that you will have an album released in 2018?
A. Well, you don't. Just know I'm a very motivated hard worker and I am going to do all I can to make sure that album comes out. I really feel it needs to be out in the world. Even just for myself.

Q. Why are all of your co-writes with men? Do you only like to write with guys?
A. Uh, no. I have a whole bunch of wonderfully talented ladies that I have talked to and have agreed to write a song with me. Life can just be busy sometimes. By the album release in 2018, there will be lots of ladies names on the songs as well. I LOVE writing with ladies.

Q. When you say that I get a 'pin' with my donation, does that mean I get your cat Pin?
A. No. She's mine. Get your own cat.

Q. I bet you're really excited to work with Matt Epp - how do you feel about it?
A. Overjoyed. Joyous. Pumped. Psyched. Can't wait. He's the best.

Q. What is a drip painting? Are you any good?
A. Drip paintings are kind of in the style of Jackson Pollock. Think of me as a 5 year old Jackson Pollock. It's a whole lot of colour. It makes me very happy to paint, and I won't know if you put it up or not, so as long as you put it up before I come over, then you should be in the clear. My mom thinks I'm pretty good.

Q. Should I have more questions to ask you?
A. Maybe? But, I'll keep adding them as they come up.

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