Help Me Pay for my College Tuition

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San Francisco, CA, United States

I'm a young college student going to school for nursing as well as working as a sales associate to be able to support myself in addition to pay my way through college. At times it can be a struggle, not only financially, but also emotionally since the loss of my father. Since my fathers passing my mother & I have been barely getting by, we relied own him to pay the majority of the rent for our household. My disabled mother has had to use more than half of her Social Security Disability check to pay for the rent & other expenses. Due to the fact that the nursing program requires me to spend 36 hours of my time at school & clinical locations I had to cut back the hours I could work, I'm only making the minimum wage & all of my paycheck has gone to helping my mother out with the rent & groceries. I had been saving up money in my savings account to pay for college, but all of my funds have been depleted since my father died. If you could make me a donation of any denomination I would be forever grateful. Thank you, for your time and consideration.

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