Help me volunteer to protect endangered wildlife!

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My name is Chiara and I am a recent graduate in countering organized crime. I studied how organized criminal groups commit crimes transnationally and I am working hard to become a crime analyst.

I love nature and I have a huge interest in conservation and wildlife protection, therefore I decided to specialize in wildlife trafficking.

Every day thousands and thousands of animals are illegally traded to be sold as pets and a lot more are killed in order to sell their parts on the market. Wildlife trafficking is rapidly growing because its nature makes it much more difficult to counter than other crimes and has been long overlooked by the international community. However, very often the same groups that are trafficking drugs or arms use wildlife trafficking to fund their other activities.

I am now trying to do my part by doing a criminal analysis internship with an organization fighting wildlife trafficking through intelligence and investigation.

However, I've been thought that to give your contribution to a better world you can't simply sit back in a comfortable chair. You have to step up and act, (get a little dirty!), engage with people, sweat and work hard. Two years ago I went to Indonesia to volunteer in an NGO dealing with child prostitution and it was the most rewarding experience of my life.

Now, I would like to have the opportunity to volunteer within a conservation project and see for myself the effects of wildlife trafficking, while effectively helping out.

This is why I need your help to go on 10-days volunteering experience at the Animal Rescue Centre in Costa Rica, where trafficked and endangered animals are rescued, rehabilitated and finally released.

I could not make it without your help, so please, help me to give abused animals a second chance. Help me to help them!

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