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The moment is close.

After three years from Outrush - and after a year and a half of difficult personal vicissitudes that have marked and absorbed me completely - my new album, Abaton, is now ready to born.

I love this moment, every time it comes back. It smells of rebirth, hope, new beauty.

As always, I love the idea of sharing this step with all the people close to me, with those who love my music, with the ones that every day support me with their words, with their thoughts, with their feelings.

This is the time when the music, which for a long time has just turned in my head, magically becomes true, tangible, made of notes to listen, play and live together. And that will remain forever, printed on a cd or in digital form on any site.

Anyone can support this new adventure by simply making a contribution, either by pre-ordering his personal copy of the cd or vinyl, or by ordering a copy of the score, or giving freedom to his - or her - spirit of participation as he - or she - feels better.

The recordings will be made in early June and the release is scheduled for next fall. And you will always be updated, in real time, on the production development.

Now it's your turn. Me and my music will always be grateful to you.

With love


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