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Via Goito, 9/2, Bologna, BO, Italia

We want to save the values and traditions of the Bolognese cuisine

In more than seven years of activity, the CINQUE 50 Ristobar have managed to meet the needs of many customers who have sought to be able to eat the dishes of Bolognese cuisine. Seven years full of moral satisfaction and many new friendships with people who live in every corner of the world.

But all this was not enough. And today the CINQUE 50 is at a crossroads: two choices, one of which is very sad and tragic for us that believed in, every single day during these seven years.

We want to tell our story, that many of you already know.

21 March 2011. We buy an activity that came from a previous management: tired, lacking initiative and enthusiasm. We see immediately, the enormous potential of this place in the historic center of Bologna. The opportunity to make known ourselves for something that in recent years has been increasingly disappearing in the other restaurant business: the cult of good food, the authenticity and freshness of products offered, all combined with a trade policy where the price was as honest as possible.

We wanted to represent for our customers a landmark, the "house of friends" where it was impossible to leave unsatisfied. Just because a friend can not treat you badly, can not give you bad food, and overall can't empty your wallet. For seven long years we have achieved our goals. We also had those who have not felt comfortable with us, and we can not be so presumptuous as to claim that all of us could appreciate. But most of our customers has just recognized that our three main goals were surprisingly respected. And this, we are proud of, not only has been true for the customers of our house, for the Bolognese, or for Italians. But also for all foreign guestswho, for some reason, fear most of the time to be treated as "tourists", to be treated badly, to be kidnapped for having nothing in return. Even these, for us, were already "friends" since them crossed the threshold of the Cinque 50, and we have never taken advantage of linguistic misunderstandings or no knowledge of the customs and uses in the Italian restaurant. Far as to suggest in most cases, to order less because our portions have never been contained, rather than accepting full-bodied orders for the satisfaction of the "bill", but not in our consciousness.

In seven years we have given the best of us. Believing in it. Continuing to invest in it. Despite the global economic crisis, the national until the local one,  they have always taken away big margin required to keep open our local. Among others, the local crisis, one that historically, politically and economically affected our Bologna, was the one that contributed most to take away the oxygen in order to continue to survive. Because in front of an ever increasing need to make money, the different Municipalities have gradually tightened tributes and fees, have increased the constraints and prohibitions, they took off what was before guaranteed. And all this because in order to safeguard your "need to work" you should have done "something" to fall back into the rules imposed. And that "something" always mean having your wallet, spend and pay for services that you can't turn over on your public prices.

Banks, we all know, are increasingly reluctant to help, even when you may offer financial statements in order and not in loss. And even if they decide to help you do, it always just with interests that you still have to pay extra.

Meanwhile, in recent years, taxes on companies like ours, in Italy, are never diminished, but always increased (the waste for example has been increased by 38% in 2015 and are forecasting possible new increases). The high-quality products are never decreased in price, but rather always risen because suppliers also undergo, with different scale) in our own economic difficulties.

Not least the new and more stringent municipal regulations on the administration of the meals. Today it is no longer enough work carefully, with respect of hygiene, being careful how you treat food, to how you maintain them. Today, in order to continue working, in order to guarantee the quality of our dishes, we must inevitably adapt to the demands of the authorities responsible: The locale USL (Higienyc Local Office) and the Municipality.

We worked from December to date, with severals specialized Technical Studies in catering, assessing what would have to do to put the CINQUE 50 in place with current regulations. Electrical, plumbing, gas supplies, kitchen equipment, industrial refrigerators, non-toxic countertops, gripper systems and air circulation, heating and refrigeration systems, safety of all circles both business of areas available for the public, realization of a bathroom in accordance to the handicapped people, adaptation and strengthening of the hood of the fumes created in the kitchen, making safe for the prevention of fires as required by the local Fire Department. And then, study and realization of projects (individual for each installation concerned), presentation at the offices for the authorization at the beginning of the work, the fees for concessions just to be able to do the work. Not to mention that since work began, until the last control (the one that authorizes you to reopen, provided that everything is in order) spend on average 50-70 days. Two months and a half , without being able to work, but with utilities, rent, staff from having to still pay without being able to rely on the normal cash flow of an establishment open to the public. And we end with the "any other business": all the unknowns that may arise and of which you become aware only when the work began. It varies for each or any, times are getting longer because maybe you have to change the design, you have to submit  for a new authorizaton because you give permission and, needless to say, the higher costs.

We alone can not do it. In order to have a local "turnkey", entrusting us to one of the companies we contacted, the one that gave us the most trusted, most professional, one that has presented an estimate of the most "human" and honest, the Five 50 needs to have available, even before the work starts, of 120,000 Euros. Money that today we have not really for all the reasons we wrote before. Money that banks are not interested to give. But without which the Five 50 is destined to die at the point of its greatest splendor. Because without these jobs to comply with all applicable laws, we should stop offering quality meals and start making like so many, offering low quality products, never fresh, but not cheap. And then we would lose customers, their confidence, work. Up to fully close in a few weeks.

The alternative? Permanently close the damper and declaring close our beautiful experience. Stop believing in a utopia, a beautiful dream still lasted seven years: we would no longer be able to support all the expenses and costs to keep open our Cinque 50. Nullifying in fact the work of these seven years. And to close, for us, even means the dismissal of the guys who work with us, put them in front of the unknown to remain jobless.

Here, then, what is the crossroad where we are, today, in front: try to figure out if our idea is still valid, if there are people who might believe in this way of doing business, always close to the customer, always respecting the customer , always offering the best to every customer. If there is the possibility of obtaining aid, small, very small, but it would allow us to continue to work serenely, we allow it to continue to receive in our house our friends, Italian or foreign guests, and welcome them with our usual smile , as we are confident of being able to give them our best.

If ours is only a utopia, though ours was just a daydream, we do not make a drama. Only the bitterness of having to see that, despite our good ideas, many factors not dependent on us, taxes, laws, restrictions on regulations have taken precedence over reality. And with these factors, so heavy and oppressive, there is no longer reason to continue investing. Despite the love for our work, of our local. Despite the passion. Despite the certainty of being able to do well our beautiful craft.

Thanks for wanting to read our history.

If you decide to help us, we ask very little, help content because with the initiative of the crowdfunding you can get "little to so many." To all who have had the pleasure of helping a chance to be our guests with an unlimited menu as soon as there was an opportunity to come and eat in the "New CINQUE 50". The best way to thank you for helping us, for believing in us. For having given way to the New Five 50 to come to life (A single meal for each buyed help/ticket).

And for those who will give us more support, the New CINQUE 50 will offer a special day: the ability to get into the kitchen and follow a lesson with our Chef who will hold lecture on some recipes of the Bolognese tradition followed by a meal with an unlimited menù (A single lesson and meal for each buyed help/ticket).

  • 09/02/2016
    Let Cinque 50 survive: A unlimited Dinner for each Help. Let your dinner in Bologna will be unforgettable

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