*make a bakery/ pastry shop for mom*

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Cozumel, México

We live in Cozumel México. My mother biggest dream is have a bakery/ pastry shop. But she don't have the enough money.

i make part of the effort, working in a hotel in Cozumel, but only  earning 60 dlrs per month.

my dad also working like a fisherman. Provides 20 dlrs per month, but he wants make muy mom's dream.

We would really appreciate your help.

In Mexico start a bussiness its very difficult, for the taxes. The taxes are very expensives, cutting all the effort to we can make. Pay a lot of starter taxes, to have a low gain. We can't start the proyect in only our  way.

Muy mother its a very important part of my life. And it's a pillar of me. So i want to do for  her.

This is a sorprise proyect. To me for her.

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