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Petros, a Greek professor of Oriental Languages and Literature at the University of Athens, is commissioned by the Orthodox clergy to decode and translate the personal diary of Nikiforos (man of faith, writer, traveler and builder of churches) recently deceased. The main objective of the research is to investigate whether the stones that make up the three walls of the Holy House of Mary, today inside the Basilica of Loreto, really come from the Byzantine church of Porta Panagia, in Pili, where they were guarded by the Byzantine family Angelo Ducas Comneno. But many unexpected things happen during this research.

The movie will be shot in Italy, Greece and Japan with an international cast.

This crowdfunding campaing aims to cover part of the costs of pre-production, casting, preliminary inspections, working plans.

This important story will help creating a bridge between western and eastern worlds, cultures and religions.

Download here the full Mimulus script

Q. How can I know something more about the story?

A. Download here the full Mimulus script

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