Motherboards for PC Donations to Poor Families

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Most of us take our access to computers for granted. In rural Costa Rica, many, many families are still waiting to afford their first PC even though they have kids in the house who need them for schoolwork. They simply can't afford to buy one and keep a roof over their head and food on the table. That's why I, a U.S. expat residing in Costa Rica, began this kitchen table charity that takes non-working PCs and laptops and refurbishes them for donation to these local rural families.

We have over the last few years collected lots of spare parts, cases, power supplies, keyboard, mice, etc. and continue to build machines, but we are always short a few things, which I try to buy out of my fixed income. Right now, we could use up to 10 PC desktop motherboards to complete that many machines. These are going to be 5+ years old NOS motherboards as we do not need the fastest, latest and greatest technology to put together a good working machine.

If you could possibly spare even a single dollar donation, it would be so very much appreciated. Your generosity will be repaid by our spending many hours on this worthwhile project to bring technology to those without.

Please visit our blog at to see how we got started and the work we have been doing for more than two years now!

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