New Instruments for my next big music project!

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After my last two important albums (Computer Shaman, released in March 2017, and 1995, that will be released at the beginning of December), I want to make a new album completely written and composed by me, QuadratoX.

For many years I worked with digital instruments by using my computer, but I want to make changes for a better quality: I want to buy a Behringer DeepMind 12 and a Roland TR-08.

DeepMind 12

My biggest passion is music: I started in 2006 by playing bass guitar in many groups from my city; in 2009 I started making electronic music with FL Studio and since then my passion for experimental music and electronic music has grown bigger and bigger.

I played in many cities of Italy, and in other countries, with my projects with passion and willing to improve.

In 2015 I started my QuadratoX project, mainly composing Vaporwave uniting it with Synthwave, New Age music, Trap music, Experimental music and, in my last album 1995, Shoegaze.

Thanks to this project I founded with my friend Electric  Dreams the no-profit Vaporwave Nights collective to organize Vaporwave events in Italy to share our music and the Vaporwave culture.

Roland TR-08

Right now I'm unemployed and I'm looking for a job, but my biggest dream is to make a living by producing my music. That's why I'm asking you help to keep playing music and improving quality.

Thanks to all the people who will help me!

With love,

☒, aka Zabuba Nevresky

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