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Since I was a little boy I told my mother that I want to be a recognized soccer player because that is that  I do  with love and passion.

I live in Venezuela and today the chances of emerging for the young are very few, but I have shown that with perseverance, passion and faith everything is possible, even in the worst circumstances.

Thanks to my mother believed in me and supported me every day, I have been selected to play in the talent identification program, tryout in Italy Perugia. Now my next challenge is to collect the money to cover the expenses of the ticket and the stay in Italy, where I can demonstrate all my potential during five days of hard training and competitions. If I am selected I will have the opportunity to play in a recognized soccer team. I have a lot of faith, your help will help me to prove how great I am and the day when you see me on the screens you will be proud to say that you helped me to be there. Than kyou very much.

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