Quick fundraiser: adopting a pup (Bella 2!)

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Sunderland, MA, United States

Friends, dog lovers & dogs,

Will you help me rescue my dog? I'm going to Manhattan Saturday, 5/6 to an adoption party with In Our Hands Rescue. New pups have arrived from a high-kill shelter in Georgia.

My truest love, Bella, was from a shelter in Georgia. I had her 10 amazing years, but 3 years ago she succumbed to cancer.

I miss her madly.

I wasn't sure I believed in dogs being able to come back and find you in a new doggie form, but now I do believe.

The night after watching A Dogs Purpose (about dog reincarnation) I opened an email from the rescue in NYC & saw Lacey.

Bella on Left, Lacey on Right

This 12 week old puppy IS bella, I'm sure. I'm going down tomorrow (4hr drive) to meet her & confirm. Of course I have to adopt her if I'm right.

So, an unexpected cost has to be raised asap. The adoption fee of a $300 donation is their policy. I'm also selling what I can to raise this, Chris has offered to sell her Fender Stratacaster & I'm selling clocks & photos through Etsy.

If you can give any amount, even a dollar, I will send puppy kisses and love to your heart forever.

PS, Gemmie (current pup) is excited to meet her sister & teach her good doggie manners. She's a certified canine good citizen, so she knows what's what.

So much love

Jessica Star,

Gemma, Chris & Lacey too

My Etsy shop if you like to get a clock.  I'm running a buy one get one free clock special.  (I will be posting more asap.)

Code is: bringbellaback


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