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Bruxelles, Belgio


10 euro: Shiatsu Massage Relex  50' (pre-exam)

15 euro: Shiatsu Massage Relax (pre-exam) + Meditation // o 2 Massage (pre-exam)

20 euro: Shiatsu Massage Relax  50' (professional certified O-ki Shiatsu) // o 3 Massage (pre-exam)

25 euroShiatsu Massage 50' (professional certified O-ki Shiatsu)  + meditation

30 euro: pacchetto 2 Shiatsu Massage 50' (certificati O-ki Shatsu)

40euro: pacchetto 3 Shiatsu Massage 50' (certificati O-ki Shatsu)

50 euro: pacchetto 4 Massaggi Shiatsu 50' (certificati O-ki Shatsu)

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----------------ENGLISH VERSION:--------------------


[versione italiana in fondo alla pagina]

Dear Santa Claus

this year for Christmas I would like to give me the Shiatsu course

thank you


Dear Matteo

you're 28, you've grown up for Santa and I'm bankrupt.

I'll give you an idea:

sell the massages in advance at a ridiculous price, you pay for the course and you already have a mountain of work


ask your friends to give you a share each (do a crowdfunding) you do the course and then massages them for free!


Santa told me this works like this:


let’s start again:

it is Christmas

but I have no money to give presents.

I could give you a shiatsu massage!

I do not know how to do it,

but in January the professional O-KI Shiatsu course begins. (Https://

Alone I can not do it !!

with 10 euros you can give at the same time the shiatsu course to me and a shiatsu massage to you or a friend !!


the course costs € 980 + € 95 for the exam if I pay everything in advance

in any case, I have until January 13th to collect at least 350 of the first module, register and start ...

then in the case I will invent a way to find the others!



with 10 euros: receive a shiatsu massage (pre-exam)

with 20euro: receive a shiatsu massage (pre-exam) + I'll teach you something

30 euros: receive O-Ki Shiatsu certified professional massage

80 euros: 4 professional O-Ki Shiatsu certified massages

100 euros: 4 professional O-Ki Shiatsu certified massages + every time I teach you things

150euros: still I do not know. I could maybe marry you. But if you do so big donation let’s think together about the reward!

Now if you have time I'll tell you a little about this ...

Hello maybe it's been so long since we see each other and you do not even know where I am, what I do. Now I'm in Italy to meet Santa Claus, who has stood me up, I've been living in Brussels for more than one year, I often go back to Milan for a few days. Study dance and things that have to do with the body, energy and space. I entered a master of choreography in September. I have done so far with the money of my past acting jobs, posing as a model in the academies of Fine Arts and doing the waiter in a restaurant.

It was a very intense year in which, among other things, I started with Flavia Passigli, cellist, and Daniele Turconi, actor, a project on Females and the relationship between the construction of images and reality. We had several residencies between Italy and Belgium and we have presented a studio in Turin and one in Milan.

I was very hungry and I did not give up. After a year of "efficient" physical work, I look for space and time to reintegrate a more "holistic" approach.

In my years of study, I have cultivated a lot of somatic knowledge that I would like to share not only on the scene. I think that in working with the body there is a great potential for health, wellbeing and revolution.

Foucault's concepts of self-care and biopolitics are very dear to me.

Although I am quite practical on energetic work with touch and manipulation (over the years I have also nourished Aikido, Sensitive Dance, Experiential Anatomy, Tantra, Bioenergetics, qi-Gong ...) I do not have a structured practice. So I would like to take a course, this course of Shiatsu precisely, which would give me a structure, a protocol, that would reassure me and make me feel authorized to put this knowledge at the service of others.

I feel I have a wide range of psychosomatic knowledge that I have developed in the studies and in the creative work that are not satisfied, that push to go out. I would like to give it a shape and start practicing.

the course is structured in 4 modules from January to June for a total of 110 hours and enables me to do relaxing massages and energy balancing (not curative), but if I were interested in the years I could continue the study to integrate the healing practice.

on the other hand, the enabling of shiatsu would be a basis to integrate the knowledge already acquired and with which to practice. starting from this I would like to study more extensive one-to-one sessions to share and work with instruments that would otherwise remain exclusive to stage practice.

As a contributor you would be among the first to benefit from my study. Based on the generosity of your donation I thought about some symbolic privileges with which to thank you. On the other hand, since without your donation this study is impossible at the moment, you would simply be part of my process of study and translation and transmission of knowledge.

for more detailed information on the course read on below:

O-KI Shiatsu Professional Course in 11 weekends: Complete Course ' O-KI Shiatsu Relaxation '

Starting the 12th of January 2018

in the green village near the city 1170 Watermael  (7 classes) & in our city dojo in 1050 Ixelles (4 classes)

Module 1 "BASIC SHIATSU TREATMENT & THE ART OF EASTERN HEALING":      12-13/1 Ixelles  &   26-27/1 Ixelles  &   9-10/2  Ixelles    &   16-17/2

What is relaxation? Complete Health as the real reference in Life.  Energetic principles and techniques.

The discipline of a true shiatsu relaxation practitioner.   Shiatsu & Consciousness. The Universal Consciousness & practical application in daily life.

Awareness and Sensing Techniques. Breathing exercices &  training. Meditation Techniques.

The use of KI.  Energetic Body Training.  The Makko Ho exercices and the Makko Ho adapted to the Western Body. Kokyo Go.

Introduction to Body Treatments. How to touch?  Shiatsu massage, the Great Basic Treatment: the back, the neck, the schoulders, the head, the face, the arms, the torso, the belly, the hips, the legs, the calves, the ankles and feet and toes. Soft Shiatsu Techniques.  Rocking Technique.

Observation Methods & Therapeutc Techniques.  Energetic embryology.

The use of ‘yin and yang’ in daily life.  Basis Principles of a Harmonic Diet, Cooking Techniques and Wisdom of Nourishment.

Philosophy of the Eastern Art of Healing & Medicine.  Introduction to the Eastern way of Healing. Basics in Anatomy.

Module 2 "LEARN TO SENSE AND TO BE PRESENT" :  16-17/3

The basics of every Body related Therapy : The Art of Presence , Meditation , Awareness , Consciousness and Breathing. Self-reflexion.

The Eastern Vision: Man as a manifested Consciousness, an energy connecting Heaven and Earth.

How is the Body created, from an energetic point of view? As a Consciousness which materialises in Matter. Conscious Matter?

The Electromagnetic Field as Origin, the formation of tissues and cells. The energy condenses in energy-streams. The formation of meridians and the physical body (the inner universe) which is in correspondance with the outer universe (planets, constellations, evolution).

How to calm the nervous system, how to harmonise the 'thinking man', how to come into Silencein, and staying in that Realm. Allowing yourself to Sense.

Being in ' Presence '. Ritual to make contact with the client and client's body.

To sense the body without touching physically. To sense the body internally. Energetic observation of the body. Energetic Techniques: 'Rocking'. The fascia, the joints.

Introduction to the element Earth: the centre of the 5 elements. Anchorage: being connected to the ground, the planet, your own roots and supports. Reinforcing your own centre.

Deontology. Energetic protection during and after Treatments.  Development of our 12 senses (6 inner and 6 outer)

Module  3 "THE FIVE ELEMENTS AND THE TRANSFORMATIONS" : 6-7/4   &   13-14/4

The DO-IN exercices and Auto-Shiatsu.  Observation of the Hara (belly) and ampuku. The Hara zones. Capacity of sensing kyo , o-ki , jitsu.

The Chinese Clock and the Energetic Cycle of the Meridians. The Makko Ho exercices and the Makko Ho adapted to a Western Body.

Study and practical application of the 5 Elements : theoretical knowledge and practical application in daily life.  The Sheng and Co Cycles, among others.

Contra-indications according to the 5 elements in Shiatsu treatments. The 5 Transformations and the 5x3 Emotional Conditions.

Module 4 "MERIDIANS AND STRETCHINGS" :  25-26/5   &    1-2/6    &    15-16/6  Ixelles      &     22-23/6

Sensing and Knowing. The 7 Levels of Consciousness.

Study and intensif practice of the 12 basic meridians. To know the meridians, not from a mental aproach but from an energetic identification: to feel and sense the energy stream.

Applied to your own body and the client's body.

The 84 basic Tsubo: the basic acupuncture points. Feel, sense, and know the Tsubo. Being able to use them in a correct treatment, in harmony with the client's needs.

Introduction to the Zen Shiatsu of Masunaga. The Zen Stretchings.  The 28 general Stretchings to open the energy flow in the body.  Integration.

Practical Information:

Structure:  In total 110 hours tuition, which are structured in 4 consecutive Modules.

Reports: To help you in your practice, you are asked to establish 50 reports (50 treatments). They are checked and, if necessary, corrected; and you are given feedback in order to impove your shiatsu practice.

Exams: are not compulsory. There is a theoretical (written and oral) and practical test. Price is 95 euros. When you passed the exam with good result, and followed at least 85% of the classes, and finished with good result the 50 reports, you receive the O-KI Shiatsu School certification " O-KI Shiatsu Relaxation Practitioner "

Missed classes : classes you didn't attend can be followed next year, with a maximum of 5 classes for free. If you like to come for more then 5 classes, most welcome, the cost is 20 euros per class.

Timing: Friday from 18:30 till 21:30 PM  and Saturday from 9:30 AM till 16:30 PM

Price: 11 weekends of each 10 hours = 110 hours

- with reduction, all paid in advance: 980 euro

- in 3 times: 350 at the start + 350 before 1FEB + 350 before 1APRIL

- for each module: 350 (Module 1) + 150 (Module 2) +  180 (Module 3) + 450 ((Module 4). Payable before the start of each module.

Included: Extensive Textbook (125 pages), all classes, correction of your 50 reports, tea.


-----------------VERSIONE ITALIANA----------------


CARO Babbo Natale

quest'anno per Natale vorrei che mi regalassi il corso di Shiatsu



Caro Matteo

c'hai 28 anni, sei diventato grande per Babbo Natale e io sono in fallimento.

ti regalo un'idea:

vendi i massaggi in anticipo a un prezzo ridicolo, ti paghi il corso e c'hai già una montagna di lavoro


chiedi ai tuoi amici di regalarti una quota ciascuno (fai un crowdfunding) tu fai il corso e poi li massaggi a cascata gratis!


me lo ha detto Babbo Natale funziona così:




ma non ho soldi per fare regali.

potrei regalarti un massaggio shiatsu!

non lo so fare,

ma a Gennaio inizia il corso O-KI Shiatsu professionale. (

Da solo non ce la faccio!!

con 10 euro puoi regalare contemporaneamente il corso di shiatsu a me e un massaggio shiatsu a te o a un amico/a !!


il corso costa 980€ + 95€ per l’esame se pago tutto in anticipo

in ogni caso ho tempo fino al 13 Gennaio per racimolare almeno i 350 del primo modulo, fare l'iscrizione e cominciare...

poi nel caso inventerò un modo per trovare gli altri!


con 10 euro: ricevi un massaggio shiatsu (pre-esame)

con 20euro: ricevi un massaggio shiatsu (pre-esame) + ti insegno una cosa

30euro: ricevi massaggio professionale certificato O-Ki Shiatsu

80euro: 4 massaggi professionali certificati O-Ki Shiatsu

100euro: 4 massaggi professionali certificati O-Ki Shiatsu + ogni volta ti insegno delle cose


Ora se hai tempo ti racconto un po' di questa cosa...

Ciao forse è da tanto che non ci vediamo sentiamo e non sai nemmeno bene dove sono, cosa faccio. Ora sono in Italia per beccarmi con Babbo Natale,che mi ha paccato, normalmente vivo a Brussels da più di un anno, torno spesso a Milano per qualche giorno. Studio danza e cose che c'entrano con il corpo, l'energia e lo spazio. Sono entrato in un Master di coreografia a Settembre. Ho campato fino ad ora con i soldi dei miei passati lavori da attore, posando come modello nelle accademie di Belle Arti e facendo il cameriere in un ristorante.

è stato un anno molto intenso in cui tra l'altro ho iniziato con Flavia Passigli, violoncellista, e Daniele Turconi, attore,  un progetto sul femminile e la relazione tra la costruzione delle immagini e la realtà. abbiamo fatto diverse residenze tra Italia e Beglio e abbiamo presentato uno studio a Torino e uno a Milano.

Ero molto affamato e non mi sono dato tregua. Dopo un anno di lavoro fisico “efficiente", cerco spazio e tempo per reintegrare un approccio più "olistico".

Ho coltivato negli anni di studio molte conoscenze somatiche che vorrei condividere non solo sulla scena. Penso che nel lavoro con il corpo c’è un grande potenziale di salute, benessere, rivoluzione.

mi sono molto cari i concetti Foucaultiani di cura di sé e biopolitica.

Nonostante sia abbastanza pratico di lavoro energetico con il tocco e di manipolazione (negli anni mi sono nutrito anche di Aikido, Danza Sensibile, Anatomia Esperienziale, Tantra, Bioenergetica, qi-Gong…) non ho una pratica strutturata. Così vorrei fare un corso, questo corso di Shiatsu appunto, che mi desse una struttura, un protocollo, che mi rassicurasse e mi facesse sentire autorizzato a mettere queste conoscenze al servizio degli altri.

sento di avere un'ampia serie di conoscenze psicosomatiche che ho sviluppato nello studio e nel lavoro creativo che non sono soddisfatte, che spingono per uscire. vorrei dargli una forma e cominciare a praticare.

il corso è strutturato in 4 moduli da Gennaio a Giugno per un totale di 110 ore e mi abilita a fare massaggi rilassanti e di riequilibrio energetico (non curativi), ma se fossi interessato negli anni potrei proseguire lo studio per integrare la pratica curativa.

d'altra parte l'abilitazione di shiatsu sarebbe una base a cui integrare le conoscenze già acquisite e con cui poter far pratica. a partire da questo vorrei studiare delle sessioni one-to-one più ampie per condividere e lavorare con degli strumenti che altrimenti resterebbero esclusivi della pratica scenica.

In quanto donatore saresti tra i primi a beneficiare del mio studio. In base alla generosità della tua donazione ho pensato a dei privilegi simbolici con cui ringraziarti. D'altra parte siccome senza la tua donazione questo studio al momento è impossibile,  saresti semplicemente parte di questo mio processo di studio e di traduzione e trasmissione di saperi.

per info più dettagliatissime sul corso leggi in fondo alla versione inglese.

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