The Anti Trump

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New York, NY, United States

On August 25, 2017, we plan a large protest action, which is aimed at stopping the aggression of Donald Trump. Each of you can take part in the action and express your protest together with us.

Donald Trump is aggressive against anyone who does not like him, even against his people. With his sharp statements, he splits our society. It affects racism and extremism.

The demonstration will take place in front of the Trump Tower. There will be organized hot meals, water, a place to relax with children.

We need money to print banners and posters. Also for catering. The action will be held for two days. At the moment the place and date have already been agreed. About 1500 people joined our action. For any questions, you can write to my personal Facebook page.

The help of each of you is very important. Together we will announce ourselves and make the president respect all citizens of the United States!Together we represent a great force that can influence our government. If you can not attend the parade, but you want to help us, we will be very happy when you donate a few dollars to other people and then they will be able to express your opinion.

Please share the recording with your friends, do not be indifferent to our common problem.

This affects the interests of every citizen of the United States ...

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