Trying to achieve a decend education

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Cajicá - Cundinamarca, Colombia

Hi everyone , i have a huge problem with my studies , i really want to study something that i like on the university but the problem is that i dont have any money to pay for the university ,the career that i want to study its only on the university "universidad militar nueva granada" and the cost its extremly high for me to pay ,the cost is about 2.5k dolars each semester, the career have 10 semester's. I just need help to pay the 1st one for joining the university but like i say i dont have any kind of money for paying it , im actually trying to get some money just to enter the university , im going to add some pictures of me and the university , the career im hope to study its engineer of multimedia , i hope you could help me quick because i already aprove the test to enter the university but i still need to pay the semester i just got 2 month for pay it , thanks everybody for youre attention and helping.

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