Wanna feel confortable in my body again

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Hi everyone.

I feel almost stupid to ask something that for many people is probably a superficial desire, but I want to tell you my story and explain why it is so important to me.

I am 23 years old and since I was 13 I have suffered from anorexia and bulimia,

for almost 8 years I suffered and hated my body and myself ..

It’s 3 years that I lefted the hospital and finally after a long battle I can say I'm finally healed,

unfortunately, as many of you will know you will never be free from food disorders but you can learn how to dominate them and to live with them ... and I can finally say that I am the owner of my life.

in all those years I have lost and resumed hundreds of kilos ... I have been 38 kg up to a maximum of 73kg, my body brings all the scars and stretch marks of that period and I carry them as victory signs and especially as a reminder of everything I've been through ..

after 3 years finally my body has started to work again and I'm neither thin than fat, i’m HEALTHY ..

BUT (as alway there’s a “but”) there is one thing that unfortunately I can not change anymore and that I have ruined forever... and that is my breasts.

many of you will think it's a stupid thing but despite i’m finally feeling comfortable with myself, I’m no longer feeling as a woman.

if there are girls with small breasts, sagging or wrinkled and full of stretch marks breast like mine, maybe they will understand what I mean when I say that I want to feel feminine again.

after all these years and after all these battles won or lost I want to feel finally completely comfortable with myself.

I've been trying to put away the money I need with a lot of sacrifice for two years and every time I get close to my goal something unexpected happens (broken car, completely flooded house ...), and since I live alone, I'm forced to use the money I saved.

I have near 4500€ aside and I miss 2500€ to get the money to do the operation.

if someone will Help me to realize my dream he/she will really, really, make me full of happiness.

i feel sorry for my bad english... i tried to explain myself at the best of my abilities...

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