In our initial post, we listed three essential components for creating successful crowdfunding campaigns. Having received such positive feedback, we decided to flesh out these three components even further with a three-part series (i.e. one blog per component). Our first post covered the favorable practice of providing transparent and accurate information. Our second post provided tips regarding sharing your crowdfunding campaign over social media. This final post of the series will discuss essentials for providing a variety of appealing content.

Why is Engaging Content Necessary?
Before we discuss the essentials, it is important to understand why engaging content is necessary. Basically, engaging content is crucial due to its viral potential. The more appealing the content, the more likely a viewer is to connect and share.

In the past, the most successful campaigns have supplied a wide variety of appealing content on their campaign page. Generally, these campaign creators have utilized texts, image, and video posts to inform potential contributors about their project. The variety is particularly important as it connects with potential contributors on on a multitude of levels.

Okay, I Understand. . . But What Kind of Content is Engaging?
Great question. Considering that appropriate content largely depends upon the campaign and audience, it is generally best to put ourselves in the mind of potential contributors and ask:

  • What information is absolutely necessary in order to understand this project?
  • Why would anyone feel as though they should contribute?
  • What makes this campaign interested and unique?
  • What is the quickest, yet most appealing way to provide this information?

Furthermore, we will also want to think about viral potential by consider factors that could inspire our audience to share with their own social network. Examples may include:

  • Triggering emotions through honest, personal stories
  • Creating unique and/or influential campaigns/projects
  • Hilarious or endearing text or images
  • Providing funny, innovative and/or high-quality content
    • These should be personal and unique to the project
  • Create campaigns that directly improve their lives
    • Products, community events, art, community service projects, etc.

By providing appropriate, engaging content, we can be sure that we’ve increased our campaigns chances of being shared. Remember, one of the main essentials for reaching donation goals is to have campaigns seen by as many fresh eyes as possible.

If you are having trouble generating content ideas, or simply have a general concern, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our passion is assisting others in funding their dreams, so we would love to offer some assistance.

We really hope this series has offered some assistance. If you have any immediate questions, feel free to leave a comment. We would love to start a conversation – perhaps your question is also on the mind of others Also, check our site for even more helpful content in the coming weeks!