In our previous post, we listed three essential components for creating successful crowdfunding campaigns. Having received such positive feedback, we decided to flesh out these three components even further with a three-part series (i.e. one blog per component). This first post will cover the favorable practice of providing transparent and accurate information.

The Importance of Transparency
When establishing a crowdfunding campaign, it is extremely important to create trust amongst potential contributors. One of the easiest way to do this is by providing transparent, easy-to-find information. For example, if a potential contributor is exploring your campaign site yet has trouble finding answers to their questions, then they will be far less likely to contribute to your project. Therefore, it is wise to consider the type of answers potential contributors may be looking for while exploring your campaign.

Although providing easy-to-find information might seem intuitive, campaign creators can struggle with this if they don’t keep their entire audience in mind. Take, for instance, a band that is seeking to generate funds to record a new album. When creating their campaign, they might provide information targeting their current fan base (which is very smart), but fail to consider those potential contributors who are unfamiliar with their music. Having just come across this band, these visitors will seek to answer some basic questions such as: What is the story behind this band? Or, what does their music sound like?

By providing thorough, transparent information, this band can not only build trust amongst their own fans, but also new listeners as well (and maybe even gain a bunch of new fans in the process!)

But Is All of the Information Clear and Accurate?
So, now that you have filled your campaign page with easy-to-find answers, it is time to go back and double check to make sure that all the information provided is both clear and 100% accurate.

In regards to accuracy, you will certainly want to be sure that you are spelling and labeling everything correctly. Furthermore, if you are listing specifics – such as dates or locations – you will want to double check and make sure that those are accurate as well.

When it comes to clarity, it would be wise to once again consider your potential visitors. For example, whether campaigns are created to assist with medical bills or create innovative products, you will want to provide potential campaign creators with as simple of information as possible.

To help with this, we recommend walking potential contributors through the process (ex. Medical Bills: how did this emergency come about? Explain medical terms, etc.; Innovative products: explain the technology or science behind your products; walk your audience through the creation process, etc.). Granted, this doesn’t necessarily need to be long, but providing a clear, in-depth explanation of your campaign establishes a sense of connection through education. By clearly articulating your motives for your project, potential contributors will feel more involved and thus be far more likely to help you with your campaign.

If you are interested in seeking more assistance, or have a crowdfunding question that you would like answered, please do not hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, explore Kapipal and see how you can turn your dream into a reality today.