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  • Mika Jordman
    Mika Jordman

    “You may not always get the perfect pass or throw. We might have to catch multiple curveballs from the moment we wake up to our day. The only thing we can do is to try to make every chance count, and make sure that we make life easier for the rest of us.”

    I am ensuring that our day to day planning will meet the right action at Kapipal - at the same time I urge us to innovate and discuss. We might meet several new scenarios each day, but instead of worrying about the problems we should always try to figure out how to reach the solutions.

    As much as we are creating, the joy of taking action stays with the people using Kapipal. We want to give all of the crowdfunding campaigns a good base for visibility and growth. Supporting projects and helping people to get better should also be effortless; there is no need for extra bureaucracy when risks and safety are taken into account.

    Achieving dreams can take its toll. Therefore we want to make sure that you can just focus on the campaigns.

    Mika has over 8 years of experience of positive management with staff and products of Microsoft, Lost in Translations and Nokia including coaching, training, operational planning, co-operating, sales forecasting, and localising web-products.

  • Tero Ahola
    VP Technology
    Tero Ahola
    VP Technology
    Try to add some panel text for this employee ;)
  • Pasquale Sagnella
    Country Director, Italy
    Pasquale Sagnella
    Country Director, Italy

    I’m Pasquale Sagnella from Italy, aka Paskà. Musician and basketball player, reader and traveler, young accountant and auditor consultant.

    I feel like a free spirit with a backpack ready to explore the world, cultures and diversity. Because “freedom” is the word that defines my being. And “freedom” is the word I exclaimed when I discovered the world of crowdfunding and its infinite possibilities.

  • Jouko Ahvenainen
    Jouko Ahvenainen

    “At Kapipal systems, IT and security are vital. However, most of the time the message is the key - Kapipal helps you to tell your own story in an efficient and compelling way. I encourage you to jump into our new world of personal crowdfunding.”

    I have experience from 20 years in digital investing, p2p lending, management, IT systems, product developing and consulting. I have also founded and co-founded multiple companies either myself or together with outstanding teams.

    Most of my time I spend with Grow VC, which Kapipal is also part of. Grow VC is a dealing group of companies that work with digital finance, including crowdfunding, investing and lending services and constantly innovates new models, technologies and finance instruments for the market.

    Moreover, I have participated in changing US finance regulation to allow crowdfunding, and worked with EU and Asian finance regulation - probably needles to say that I’m a strong advocate of crowdfunding! My aim is to ensure that you truly enjoy Kapipal where financing and creativity meet in unforeseen and amazing ways.

    Find me on Linkedin to see my full profile.

    I am also a columnist at Telecom Asia writing regularly on business opportunities, earning models as well as new technologies in mobile, wireless and telecom business.
    Read my blog at Telecom Asia here.

  • Antti Öhrling
    Antti Öhrling
    I am passionate about the things I do. I am an energetic business leader and an enterprising architect of next wave of contextual and digital services with strong credentials and insights acquired from well over two decades of Retail, Publishing & Media, Advertising, IT & Telecommunications and Gaming industry experience. I have lived and worked in Europe, USA and Asia.
    I have held positions as a corporate leader and I am also a founder of several companies. I have grown big companies bigger, streamlined operations in others to become more profitable and started companies from scratch. One thing common to all of these different type of leadership tasks is entrepreneurial spirit. I believe it’s good for all organizations regardless of their size.
    I share my wide experience in business by mentoring start-ups and giving my time to Genesis Charity Foundation as their International Advisor

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