As we have explained in some of our past posts, Kapipal will be unveiling a brand new site to start off 2016. When creating our new site, we had but one thing in mind: You! We want our site to be beautiful and as easy to navigate as possible. And although our old site was great, we felt like we could do much better!

Where Is My Campaign?

Although the new site will be up and running soon, we want to clarify any potential apprehensions or confusions:

  • The current (but soon to be old) site will run for 3 months after we unveil the new site
    • All new projects will be started on the new site
    • All existing projects will continue to run on the current site as today

New Site, New Improvements

As mentioned, our main inspiration for creating a new site was to help crowdfunding campaign creators and contributors. So you can be sure that our new site will be full of awesome improvements, some of which include:

  • Easier methods for projects
    • Smooth front page navigation
    • Discover page
    • Search by location
    • Search by category
    • *More on the way!
  • More options to personalize the project page
    • Videos
    • Larger variety and higher resolution of images
    • The option to add hyperlinks to text
    • Label by location
    • And many more!
  • Create more trust among contributors through verified email and social media profiles
  • Funds can be directed straight into your bank account!
  • Multilingual & multicurrency

There are plenty of more feature to come during the 3-month transition period, so be on the lookout for even more improvements and advancements.

With you as our primary focus, please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions on ways that Kapipal can improve or if you are a campaign creator looking for assistance.

Be sure to check our Twitter to stay up to date on when the new site will be unveiled!