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Good evening, my name is CESAR AUGUSTO SANCHEZ GIRALDO passport AV094787 of COLOMBIA I am writing to you in order, and hope that this year can help me have already made several attempts housing application which have never received any response. With extreme urgency I need a roof I am unemployed Father since in Colombia the employment opportunities for a person of 45 years are very few, I live close to my mother's house I have two children and my wife who can not work for diseases, my son is 21 years old studying international business, my daughter studies systems engineering, her license plates she touches with loans and contributions from them selling sweets in the university since I can not help them with passages and some pensions we are a humble and fighter family. The support I ask through the KAPIPAL platform is to raise $ 60,000 thousand euros to buy the house so longed for and place a store to support my children with studies and have the peace of mind of my wife and me to be safe in the vejes please evaluate this cause and support an enterprising family

The project of the house consists of 2 floors, the first dining room, kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, patio and a separate garage where a store will be built to generate my own salary, with the lease of the apartment that is an average of $ 150 euros per month will go to the study of my children, on the second floor it has 3 bedrooms, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and terrace. with the help of the platform and users can collect the 60,000 euros to buy the house, to realize my dream of giving my own wife and son a home to think about my old and my wife's have money from the store to cover my salary and help other users of the platform to realize their dreams

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